DNG – De-leading Next Gen

As known, heavy metals such as Lead tend to accumulate in the human body and that is why the market is increasingly sensitive towards the reduction thereof.

De-leading solutions used for reducing the lead released by products made of copper and alloys following applied mechanical or thermal machining operations have been available in the market for years. However, such washing operations were conceived for the surface conditioning of alloys with lead percentages above 2% and they are still used as a generic solution despite of the brass market tending towards low-lead-content alloys (0.09% – 0.2% in alloy).

The main problems stemming from de-leading not correctly targeted towards the base material to be treated translate into:

  • Accelerated oxidation
  • Colour change (from bronze brown up to intense copper pink)
  • Colour inhomogeneity

Thus, DNG (De-leading next gen) is a chemical conditioning for brasses and copper alloys created for effectively acting on low-lead content alloys too leaving the aesthetic features of the component intact and guaranteeing the compatibility thereof at contact with potable water and food products.

Main features:

  • Base material intact after conditioning
  • Reduction of lead release in water and food products
  • Colour duration over time
  • The conditioning solution is free of fluorides and nitric acid


  • DM174/2004
  • MOCA
  • CE1935:2004

Compatible with the standards:

  • AS/NZS4020:2005
  • EN16889:2016
  • NSF61 par.8 Commercial Hot (82°C)
DNG OT (2,2% Pb) OT (0,2% Pb)
Resistance to corrosion n.d. n.d. n.d.
Deposit hardness n.d. 90 HV 90 HV
Ni deposit release 00 µg/dm² 00 µg/dm² 00 µg/dm²
Pb deposit release 3 µg/dm² 70 µg/dm² 20 µg/dm²
Appearance/ Colour n.d./Brass n.d./Brass n.d./Brass

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